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Bavaria Sausage Assortment

Each box contains 8 most famous German sausages including Frankfurter, Weisswurst, Thuringian sausage, Wiener Würstchen, Veal Sausages. Comes in a gift box.

Size: Deluxe Box approx. 1.9kg, Premium Box approx. 3.8kg

German Beer Steins

German Beer Steins is the symbol of traditional beer culture, the primitive and simplicity modelling reproduces the traditional style of Bavaria, heavy feel is reminiscent of massiness of German history and culture. No matter drinking freely with friends or taking a sip at home with such a beer glass, it is believed that there is a distinctive flavour.

German Embossed Cups

Originally used in royal feasts in the times of German Empire, the cups are embossed with a theme such as architecture, history and cultural events. Today, the Embossed Steins are symbols of German Beer Culture and valuable tourist souvenirs.