Sensational and Exquisite

Black Forest

Black forest cake is no doubt the most famous German dessert. The multi-layered cake is soaked in Cherry Brandy, blended with sweet cream and sour cherries, balanced by the bitterness from chocolate.


Literally translated in Italian, Tiramisu means "pick me up" in Italian, referring to the joit of flavour, love and happiness when you eat the dessert. Indulging yourself into the rich yet silky cream with a touch of bitterness of liquor and espresso.

Chocolate Mousse

Conforms to the life idea of the pursuing exquisite fashion and advocating natural health, satisfies new requirements continuously by people. Appearance, color, and taste are all natural, even better after cold storage. It is the highest grade in cakes.


Just as the name of a Alexandros movie, the creation of brownies was a "beautiful mistake" when a chocolate cake was baked without baking powder. Now brownies become lover's favorite as it contains the taste of love.