Traditional German Bread

Traditional German Lye Bread

Baked with traditional methods where doughs are soaked in lye before baking, lye bread has cripsy crust and soft chewy crumb with a distinct savory flavour. Lye bread is the prefect companion of German dark larger.

German Multi Grain Bread

Firm and crispy on the outside and soft moist inside, our multi grain bread are make from imported organic flour, whole grains and roasted seeds, baked carefully in traditional German method, with no added sugar, fat or other additives.

German High-Calcium Bread

Baked and roasted with multi grains and vegitable seeds with no chemical additives. A bite German High-Calcium bread give you the plain but multi level feel.

Germin High-fibre Bread

German bread is famous all over the world, the secret lies in natural, original, plain and healthy, high-fiber bread with high-energy, no added sugar or fat, originally appears German bread essence, rich high-fiber within the texture, nutrient and healthy.